Fausto’s Talk – Pretoria

On 27th of Juneย 2018, Prof. Fausto Giunchiglia from University of Trento is addressing a keynote on the topic: “One world – seven thousand languages”. Download the program information

AfriKiD workshop – Pretoria

We organized our first AfriKiD workshop with a motto “Unity and Diversity”.ย  The event was organized by the Tshwane University of Technology. Download the Program infromation

DataScientia workshop – Trento

The aim of the workshop is to bring together professionals and practitioners from academic, business, and government communities from all over the world interested in exploring how diversity affects data and knowledge, and discuss applications, supporting methodologies and tools. The event is the follow-up of the first three editions, held in Bangalore and Trento, in …

DataScientia workshop – Trento

UKC workshop – Changchun

This talk will present our going work, started more than 6 years ago, whose goal is to enable data integration among data collected in different cities, about different but related topics, in different languages, thus enabling cross-language data management. The first part will present the theoretical foundations. The second part will discuss the concrete steps …

UKC workshop – Changchun

DataScientia workshop – Bangalore

We organized our first KiDF workshop with a motto “Unity and Diversity”. Professors from various leading universities in India, China, Mongolia and Trento participated in the event.