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Who are the members of the community?

Anybody can be a member of the DataScientia Community. You do not need any specific skills to become a member. The only requirement is that you must be willing to learn about data, AI, and their impact on society. You can decide the amount of effort devoted as a function of how much and how fast you want to learn.

How can you contribute?

There are at least four different types of contributions. You can choose the one or more which best fit your competence, skills, and interests.
  1. The first type of contribution is to support the collection of person-centric data, as needed in one of the many experiments that we set up.
  2. The second type, if you have programming skills, is to participate to the open data and open-source community, in charge of development of the AI tools and software which allow DataScientia and its partners to operate.
  3. The third type is to become an innovator and help in bringing the DataScientia technology and approach to the market, towards technology enabled social innovation.
  4. The fourth type is to help in the management of one of the DataScientia local communities.

How do we help you contribute?

There are four main ways in which we can help you.
  1. The first is that we provide you with educational material and support towards acquiring the basic notions of data driven AI and its impact on the life of people and on society.
  2. The second is that we support you in the collection, management and sharing of the person-centric data you and the overall community generate.
  3. The third is that we support you in the use of data and AI towards learning how to understand person-centric data, including those generated by you.
  4. The fourth is that we support you in the use of data and AI towards any form of social innovation in compliance with the DataScientia ethical guidelines, for the development of a more inclusive society with a higher quality of life.