About Us

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How are we organized?

DataScientia is a non-profit organization whose goal is to build a more inclusive society with a higher quality of life, enabling social innovation supported by data driven AI.
DataScientia works in strict collaboration with its partner Universities. Universities support DataScientia in its lifelong educational programs, in the development and support of the local communities as well as in its research and innovation activities.
DataScientia is a glocal organization with many local communities consisting of the universities and the communities they support, and with one global node coordinating the activities of the local nodes.
The global node provides the supporting infrastructure, as needed. It acts under the strategic guidelines provided by the local nodes.
All the participating local communities participate in the governance of DataScientia.

How do we sustain ourselves?

The aim of DataScientia is to sustain itself based on the revenues generated by the technological and social innovation it enables, mainly focused on its own end-to-end data management process.
DataScientia has two main sources of income:
The first is the provision of services enabled by the data and technologies developed by DataScientia. Each type of data enables different data-specific services.
The second is the support of the start-up and growth of highly innovative companies which take advantages of its own technology.
All the DataScientia economic revenues must follow a process which is consistent to its internal ethical standards. Revenues must come from activities generate meaningful social innovation.
The ultimate goal of DataScientia is to find a way to go beyond the current, only technology-driven, diversity-unaware, approach to AI innovation