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What do we do with data?

We follow and end-to-end data management process which covers all the phases from their collection to their use towards innovation. The process is organized in five main steps:
  1. We collect them
  2.  We store them
  3.  We enable third parties in finding them
  4.  We do purpose-driven data composition.
  5. We distribute them towards technology enabled social innovation
We do not aim for objectivity. Rather, we want to study how local representations of the world emerge and how they can be composed into purpose-driven unitary representations. The focus is on the process of how this happens.

How do we do what we do?

We follow a general end-to-end process and methodology, called iTelos, which integrates the five activities mentioned above for the four types of data. Via iTelos the input data are composed into application-ready knowledge graphs ready to be deployed.
We use a set of open-source tools which support the application of iTelos.
We support the collection of data and media by interested people and communities based on the iTelos methodology.
We develop and make available language and knowledge resources which empower the process of purpose-driven data composition.