DataScientia Community

What is the DataScientia Community?

DataScientia is a community of people who are interested in contributing to, learning about, and influencing the future technological evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it applies to them and to society.
The DataScientia Community consists of people who voluntarily help towards the development of social innovation, as driven by personal experience, education towards innovation, and experiment-driven ethical research.ย 

Who are the members of the community?

Anyone can join the DataScientia Community. You do not need any specific skills to become a member. The only requirement is that you be willing to learn about data, AI, and their impact on society. You can decide the amount of effort devoted based on how much and how fast you want to learn. We welcome people with diverse backgrounds and interests, amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals.

Privacy is our priority

At DataScientia, our utmost priority is safeguarding our users' privacy. If you would like to know how we manage your data, you can learn more at the following LINK

What do you get back?

It is a self-fulfilling process where everything you donate is donated back to you, in a different form, by the other members of the community. It is a process where you provide others with data, services and knowledge which are easily available to you. In turn, others can provide you back with data, services and knowledge which would be otherwise hard to achieve. What may be hard to obtain for you might be easy for me, and vice versa. And this applies to all the types of contributions mentioned above. Indeed, by joining our open-source and open-data community:

  • You can be supported in the collection, management and sharing of the person-centric data you and the overall community generate.
  • You can be provided with educational material and be helped in the acquisition of the basic notions of Person-Centric and Human-Aware AI and its impact on people's lives and society.
  • You can use the data, software and techniques we develop towards understanding how to make the best use of person-centric AI. We support any form of social innovation, in compliance with the DataScientia ethical guidelines, towards a more inclusive society with a better quality of life for everyone.

How can you contribute?

There are many ways in which you can contribute. You can choose the one or more that best fit your competence, skills, and interests.

  • The first type of contribution is supporting the collection of person-centric data, as needed in the many experiments we set up. You can both create your own experiment of participate to an experiment created by someone else.
  • The second type of contribution is to help educate others, where this can happen in many forms, for instance, by developing education materials, by sharing personal experiences, or by teaching classes.
  • The third type, if you have programming skills, is to participate in the open data and open-source community, where you will be in charge of developing the AI tools and software that allow DataScientia and its partners to operate.
  • The last type is to help manage one of the DataScientia local communities.