Computational logic - CL

Beginner level

No experience required

Required hours

48 hours total

Online/In person

Devised by: Unitn


Why taking this course

This course is taught in Italian. The intended students are students of the bachelor degree in Computer Science of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (DISI) of the University of Trento. There are no formal pre-requisites, but a certain familiarity with mathematical notation and with data bases is useful. This is a 14 week, 48 hours, six credit introductory course to Logic. The Logics covered are: propositional logics, first order logics, and Description logics. The focus is on modeling (i.e., how to use logics as a modeling language), semantics (i.e., the formalization of the intended semantics of the models developed), reasoning (with a focus on Tableau systems) and on the use of logics in practice (with a focus on the formalizational of natural language, ER models and relational data bases and knowledge graphs). The course has a strong emphasis on examples, exercises and practical applications of Logic, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science applications.




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