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The DataScientia Initiative

What is DataScientia?

DataScientia is an initiative whose main aim and purpose is to contribute to and influence the future technological evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it applies to everybody and everything, people, society and the world at large. AI research and innovation is the process, humans and society are the goal, data is the means.

DataScientia aims to enable a process by which people (i) learn about AI and how it applies to themselves and their local context, (ii) consciously collect data about themselves and their local context, and (iii) share the knowledge they develop, according to their diverse cultures and perspectives.

Within DataScientia, the people collecting data, the educators, the objects described by data, the scientists learning how to make the best use of data and also the innovators exploiting them are the citizens themselves.

What do we do?

DataScientia supports the collection, sharing and usage of person-centric data as a common good, in the interest of people and society at large. By person-centric data, we mean suitably anonymized personal data, data about the culture, milieu, and events around us, as well as the language(s) we speak and the knowledge that allows us to interpret and compose the data we collect.

Person-centric data will be used towards the generation and dissemination of knowledge concerning individuals, society, and the world, as perceived and articulated by people. We want to analyze and comprehend the variances in interpretation. The aim is to uncover the deeper unity that underlies diversity, allowing us to delve beneath surface differences.

What do we hope to achieve?

We want to analyze and comprehend the variances in interpretation. The aim is to uncover the deeper unity that underlies diversity, allowing us to delve beneath surface differences. We want to enable a process where anybody can increase their awareness and active participation in the development of AI technological innovation. Technological innovation should be driven by social innovation, and citizens should proactively participate in the definition of the social innovation agenda.


Why do we do what we do?

We all create and use our own mental models of the world. Perception creates it, language allows us to share its description with other people, thus causing its objectivation, and knowledge is what we learn about it by observing what repeats itself through change, as described by language.ย 
Our mental models are different from those of everybody else. The negotiation or conflict between frames of mind is part of the communication process and is inherent to any encounter among cultures and people. However, the Internet has exponentially increased the possibility of exposure to new people, speaking different languages, and holding different knowledge, cultures and traditions. On the one hand, this increased exposure to diversity provides us with an unprecedented wealth of opportunities for learning and innovating while, on the other hand, revealing our limited capability to harness such richness.
Learning about this process and how to bridge the gap between opportunities and difficulties is critical to sustainable AI innovation. We need to find a way to go beyond the current, only technology-driven, person, society and diversity-unaware approach to data-driven AI innovation.



DataScientia is a community of people who are interested in contributing to, learning about, and influencing the future technological evolution of Human-Aware Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it applies to them and to society. You do not need any specific skills to become a member. The only requirement is that you be willing to learn about data, AI, and their impact on society.


Our projects encompass a diverse range of projects. These initiatives related and gather data on various aspects such as human and world behavior, linguistic diversity, and knowledge resources. Through partnerships worldwide, our projects produce valuable datasets accessible to all.


Artificial Intelligence develops at a rapid pace, introducing new changes every day in response to needs we are not sure we have. Every new technology brings the challenge to adapt or give up, some of us think that change will not affect them. Yet AI is already in our daily lives, from search engines to social media, smartphones and chatbots we have interacted with in search of support.


DataScientia strongly believes that the generation of new knowledge and progress, starts from sharing. Sharing data enables a circular benefit for each single person who is interested in the value of the data. The DataScientia objective is to provide a set of services that fully respect its key principles about data, its ownership, and its representation.

Universities are our key partners:

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AI innovation is proceeding at an unprecedented high speed. We follow an integrated approach where education is key for building awareness, social innovation is the ultimate goal and research and technological innovation are the means. In this effort, our partner universities are key enablers that can make the difference, locally and globally, in all the activities where we are involved.

DataScientia - Unitas per Varietatem

โ€œDataScientiaโ€, for โ€œScientia per Dataโ€, the Latin text for the English text โ€œKnowledge through dataโ€.

โ€œScientiaโ€, from sciens, the present participle of scio, meaning to know, to understand - the same root as conscientia, meaning both knowledge shared with others and knowledge within oneself.

โ€œDataโ€, the plural of datum, meaning a given, what we take for granted as the basis of our thinking - that we take here to be a digital representation of the world.

โ€œUnitas per Varietatemโ€, the Latin text for โ€œUnity through Diversityโ€ - How can we reach to the Unity of Knowledge by understanding the Diversity of Data?